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Essential Tips for Taking Care Pets

Pets are like the kids who require proper nurturing and a caring touch to thrive and grow up. Once you bring any of them home, you should shower on them the maximum amount of love and respect possible. That is why going for pets is a big decision that you must opt for after deep introspection. There are quite a number of things that you must take care of, in the best way possible. Here are some of the best ways in which you can take care of your canine companions, feathery buddies and feline friends.

Schedule regular visits to the vets – This is one of the foremost things to be performed after you bring them home. They are almost like human beings and just like humans need a periodical check-up they also need to have it. This is done just to ensure that if they are infected with the virus of any kind of disease, it gets detected before it’s too late. So you should go for regular vaccination of the dogs and cats especially and keep the number of your vet and that of a veterinary hospital handy just as a precaution of dealing with emergency situations.

Spaying and neutering pets – This one is not only imperative but it proves to be really beneficial too. Each year there is an increasing number of animals who become homeless, are abandoned or lost. To prevent this, it is necessary that you go for this. This type of operation prevents the pets from developing certain types of cancer and also checks the roaming about of your pets and thus, decreases the chance of them from being lost.

Make sure their food suits their nutritional needs – The inexpensive foodstuff that is available in the market may not be healthy for your pets. Similar is the case with feeding them with table scraps. No matter how sweet they look, it is not advisable to practise this because the food that you take may contain some minerals that are harmful to them. That is why you should feed them with the special type food meant for them that too in a responsible amount.

Bestow adequate love and affection on your pets – Animals are more like humans and they crave for attention from their masters and mistresses. Though this is mostly true for cats and dogs but even fish and lizards require this for surviving. You need to play with them so as to ensure that they get proper mental stimulation and exercise.

The above are some of the ways in which you can take care of your pets who can be your greatest buddies for life and whom you don’t want to lose ever.

Tips for Cats Who are Forced to Relocate

For realistic tips for humans who are moving with cats, read Making the Big Move: How to transform relocation into a creative life transition and visit other relocation resources on this site.

1. If you sense your owner plans to move, be on your best behavior.

Revive those terminally cute poses you used to get yourself adopted. Let your owner sleep past 5 AM. Keep your paws out of your owner’s hair.

Use the litterbox religiously. If you must throw up, head for the bathroom and skip the windowsills.

You do not want your owner to entertain thoughts like, “I don’t want to ruin the beautiful floors in our new home,” or, “You know, it’s really hard to rent an apartment when you have a cat.”

2. Here’s a great game. Jump into an empty box, stick your head out and hold the pose while your owner runs around looking for a camera. As soon as she appears, finger on snap button, turn around and point your tail at the camera.

You’ll learn some new cuss words, guaranteed.

3. The arrival of the moving van is your cue to hide. You can have lots of fun with this one.

Your owner will run around frantically, cursing the movers: “You idiots! You left the door open! Now little Furball is gone forever!”

After they’ve wasted an hour running around the neighborhood, appear out of nowhere and begin to wash. When they shriek, “Oh there she is!” and try to hug you, summon an aloof glare and wash your face again.

Bonus tip: If you really want to freak them out, hide in your cat carrier.

4. As you begin your twelve-hour drive, remember that your owners would rather listen to your yowling than to the latest tapes or the local weather and news. Keep it up!

5. Demand a sandbox break as soon as your owner begins driving on a road where it is absolutely impossible to pull over. A narrow bridge with bumper-to-bumper traffic is a good choice.

6. Motel etiquette calls for you to sit in the window, looking absolutely adorable. Encourage passers-by to tap on the glass at all hours, especially if your owner has forgotten to draw the curtains.

If you suspect your owners have snuck you into the room without checking, begin yowling as soon as they try to move you to a more secluded spot.

7. When it’s time to hit the road at 6 AM, you don’t want to be found. If you can position yourself under the queensize bed, out of reach of your owner’s arms, you can delay everyone’s travel plans for a good half hour. The award for the most creative hiding place goes to the feline who wedged herself between mattress cover and springs.

Caution: This only works if your owner really adores you. If you can’t be found in twenty minutes, you might be looking for a new home.

8. Insist on being present when boxes are unpacked. Jump into each box to make sure the contents arrived safely. If your owners lock you into the bathroom “so kitty can’t escape,” use the opportunity to practice your singing. The movers need entertainment, too.

9. Demand to test each windowsill of the new home. If you still have claws, test the curtains to see if they’ll hold your weight. Fifteen pounds? Should be no problem.

Miniblinds offer limitless opportunities for new versions of torture-the-owner. How many can you bend? How about breaking off a little hole for your head to peek through? Cute.

10. Encourage your owner to get a dog. You may never have to move again. “Honey, we can’t move. We could never afford another place where Spot could have a yard.”

Saving Tips For Cat Supplies

In the middle of global economic crisis it is quite impractical to shop for things you don’t really need and use. But when it comes to taking care of our pets, it is also quite hard not to purchase them the things they need for a healthy survival. This article will give you some really helpful saving tips in shopping for affordable cat supplies.

Join preferred customer programs in your local pet stores.
Many grocery stores or pet shops nowadays offer preferred customer cards and advantage cards to their customers for free. Sign up for this offer and get special offers and discounts in the items you need for your pet care. Plus, if you accumulate more points every time you shop, you will have bigger discounts and money coupons. You can always use these money points in buying cat foods like Select, Spa, and Solid Gold. This may look like a strategy for the store to get return customers, but this can be very advantageous to you in saving while you shop.

Use the coupons!
Cut out coupons in newspapers adds and magazines and use the. From time to time you favorite pet store may have big sale for their items and supplies; you can always use your coupons and add it to your budget. You can also search online to find these deals.

Stock up during sales
Many pet stores and grocery stores offer great deals for cat food and supplies, like buy one get one for free deals. This may cost you a bit but it can help you save more money if you come to think of it. Grocery stores and pet shops may have sales as well, particularly in combination with their preferred customer programs. You can stock up for special items like non-perishable supplies like cat litter.

Food and water bowls
You don’t need to purchase new food and water bowls as you can always improvise. You can always use your ceramic sundae or ice cream bowls or your old Tupperware, as long as it is in good condition to hold the food and water in place.

Tips For Cat Urine Clean-up

As all good pet owners know, if your pet is exhibiting any unusual behavior (such as marking or “spraying” outside of the liter box), the first important step is to take your cat to the veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical concerns. This is especially important, as urinary issues can become potentially life-threatening in cats if left untreated.

That being said, owners who have had cats spray outside of the liter box experience the very potent smell of the urine, and the struggle to remove the smell. Many products are sold to treat carpeting and other surfaces, and it may be a matter of trial and error when it comes to what is truly effective for your home and what isn’t. Regardless of the product you use though, you want to follow some basic guidelines for cat urine removal:

1) Make sure the product is safe to use around pets (and kids, if applicable). That may sound redundant or obvious if you are buying a product that is designated to remove pet odor/staining, but you may be surprised. Unless it is sold in a veterinarian’s office, or specifically recommended by your veterinarian, most pet products are not regulated and you always need to read the recommendations and usage instructions carefully.

2) Clean urine accidents immediately with an enzymatic cleanser designed to neutralize pet odors. This is important in helping to deter that the pet does not mark in the same spot again. Do not use any ammonia-based cleaners as this could actually attract the cat back the spot the next time around.

3) Never rub your cat’s nose in the urine or feces or punish the cat in another way. There are many possible reasons the cat is marking and there are many ways to resolve these issues, as your veterinarian can advise you. Punishment never solves a urine marking issue.

It’s frustrating to continually have to keep cleaning your carpets and other surfaces. But there are ways to change your cat’s behavior and treat the issue. The best way to do this is by understanding how cats really think.