Cat Care

Having a cat can be fun. Cat care can be a little bit of work, not much though. Cats are independent. Here are a few tips on cat care that will help insure your cat to be as healthy as they can be, simple tips for taking pet.

o The first tip is that you should get you cat or kitten to the vet as soon as you get them. The vet can check the cat over and make sure there is nothing wrong with the cat. In addition, your cat will get the shots they need.

o Make sure you have your cat spayed or neutered. Having your cat spayed or neutered will do two things. It will help your cat live longer and control the cat population.

o Use a spray bottle when your cat is being bad. NEVER hit your cat if they are bad. Spray the cat or kitten with water and say “bad” or “no.” Make sure you do not spray them too much also. Spraying them too much can cause a cat to be aggressive to you.

o Get a cat box and kitty litter. Changing the kitty litter once, a week is good. Clean out the waste everyday if you are changing the kitty litter once a week.

o This really is not a tip but it will toss it in here as one. Give the cat or kitten love. The more love you give the cat or kitten, the more you will receive back from the cat or kitten.

o If the cat is going to be an indoor cat, have them de-clawed. Having the cat de-clawed saves, you time spraying the cat when they claw on you furniture and other stuff in your home.