Five Important Tips For Cat Urinary

If you are a cat owner, here is something important I need to tell you – cat urinary tract infection prevention is very, very simple. It does not require any sort of special effort from you. So, if you are someone who is interested in the well being of your cat, please make sure you read this article fully.

As someone who has studied a lot about pet care, I can tell you one thing. Cats are as vulnerable as dogs when it comes to urinary infections. I have to emphasize this because, every now and then, I come across some cat owners who think cats are not prone to such problems. So, let me make it very clear – you need to take good care of your cat to make sure it stays away from such problems. Now, let us take a detailed look at cat urinary tract infection prevention.

Prevention, as they say, is always better than cure. In this case, it could not be any truer. Urinary infection can be very painful for your cat. More importantly, if left untreated, it could be fatal as well. So, instead of treating your cat after it gets infected, you should try to think about cat urinary tract infection prevention. Here are some tips which you, the cat owner, can follow to make sure your cat stays hale and healthy for a long time.

1. Give your cat the right kind of food. Processed pet foods contain lots of artificial preservatives, chemicals, coloring agents, and other such things which are very bad for your cat. Also, they do not have enough water content and they generally tend to be dry. So, make sure you give your cat high quality canned food which contains enough moisture content. Avoid processed food and give your cat plenty of raw, unprocessed food.

2. Make sure your cat drinks plenty of water. This is easily one of the most important cat urinary tract infection prevention tips anyone can ever give you. Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems for animals and so you should always make sure your cat stays adequately hydrated. Even consider using more than one water bowl, placing the second in an area your cat likes to stay.

3. Keep your cat clean. Bathe your cat regularly and make sure it stays clean. Do not use soaps and shampoos intended for human beings. They are harsh and they can affect your cat’s skin. There are special soaps and shampoos available for cats which are mild.

4. Do not let your cat hold it in for a long time. Clean your cat’s kitty litter box often and make sure your cat uses it properly. When your cat holds its urine in for a long time, the sugar in its urinary bladder makes it easier for bacteria to grow and multiply.

5. And now for the most important cat urinary tract infection prevention tip – give your cat some good natural supplement which can prevent such infections. Homeopathic supplements are considered the best by many experts now because of two reasons. One – they are very safe. You need not worry about side effects. Two – they are extremely effective. A regular dose of these supplements will help your cat stay away from urinary problems for a long time.