How Playtime Can Be a Pivotal Time in Dog Training for Minneapolis, MN Dog Owners

Playtime is universally the best time of the day for a dog, second only to dinner time. Playtime is a valuable and insightful time to instill some excellent dog behavior. How can dog owners harness playtime as a useful time and not just a pure time of play for everyone involved?

The Art of Toy Ownership

A dog does not own a toy. It is not theirs. It is the owner’s toy, and it is being leased to the dog. Strictly speaking, a dog should only receive a toy to play with when it is given to them by the owner. This announces playtime, but it also establishes something very important. It is the owner who sets the time to play, not the dog. By owning the toy and subsequently giving it to the dog, the owner is saying “I am ready now.” It is an excellent place to set an alpha position.

During Play and Running Off

Dogs will have a tendency to run off with a toy. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, but it does open the door for a good opportunity to establish who the alpha is. The dog should not necessarily be chased when they have the toy. Owners can allow the dog to come back to them. It is another method for identifying and reaffirming who the alpha is. The owner can then take the toy away when the dog returns it. Remember, it is essential to be the one in charge of when playtime begins and when it ends.

If a dog misbehaves at any point, the toy should be removed. Misbehaving will not be met with more playtime. It will be met with the end of play, as disappointing as that could be for the dog and the owner.

The team at Midwest Dog Training, of Minneapolis MN, tirelessly works to make sure dogs’ behaviors are modified for the better. The team has seen stories of people who have not given their dog a fair chance. The team strives to give every dog an opportunity to improve and be the best they can be, and they all agree that no dog is beyond help.