How to Name a Kitten Tips For Cat

Got a new kitten?. Have you found a good name for your cat?. You don’t need to feel confused. This article will tell you how to find the best name for your cat. Keep reading…

*Determine your kitten’s gender first, is your kitten male or female?. It is funny if you call your kitten with “athena” while your kitten is a male.
*Choose a name that your family might like.
*Look at your kitten carefully. Look at his size, color, and his unusual markings.
*Choose a name that suits to your kitten’s personality.
*Never give a human name to kitten.
*Try to choose an ear catching-name so that your cat will understand when you call him.
*Think about picking a name from fictional characters.
*When a kitten does something wrong, don’t yell him with his name. Your kitten may associate his bad behaviour with his name.
*Avoid picking a long name.
*If you have decided one name for your kitten, don’t change it or he may get confused.

Still confusing about how to pick a good name for your kitten?, below are some good suggestions for you:

*Famous cat names:

a. Garfield
b. Shimba (The Lion King)
c. Felix (Felix the Cat)
d. Sylvester (Sylvester and Tweety)
e. Tom (Tom and Jerry)

*Cartoon character names:

a. Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants)
b. Buttercup (the Powerpuff Girls)
c. Dora (Dora the Explorer)
d. Bubbles (the powerpuff Girls)
e. Boots (Dora the Explorer)

*Cat names in any language:

a. Neko (Japanese)
b. Miu (Chinese)
c. Pussi (Eskimo)
d. Koshka (Russian)
e. Besseh (Arabic)

*Names from mythological world:

a. Lilith
b. Phoenix
c. Athena
d. Apollo
e. Fiona