Saving Tips For Cat Supplies

In the middle of global economic crisis it is quite impractical to shop for things you don’t really need and use. But when it comes to taking care of our pets, it is also quite hard not to purchase them the things they need for a healthy survival. This article will give you some really helpful saving tips in shopping for affordable cat supplies.

Join preferred customer programs in your local pet stores.
Many grocery stores or pet shops nowadays offer preferred customer cards and advantage cards to their customers for free. Sign up for this offer and get special offers and discounts in the items you need for your pet care. Plus, if you accumulate more points every time you shop, you will have bigger discounts and money coupons. You can always use these money points in buying cat foods like Select, Spa, and Solid Gold. This may look like a strategy for the store to get return customers, but this can be very advantageous to you in saving while you shop.

Use the coupons!
Cut out coupons in newspapers adds and magazines and use the. From time to time you favorite pet store may have big sale for their items and supplies; you can always use your coupons and add it to your budget. You can also search online to find these deals.

Stock up during sales
Many pet stores and grocery stores offer great deals for cat food and supplies, like buy one get one for free deals. This may cost you a bit but it can help you save more money if you come to think of it. Grocery stores and pet shops may have sales as well, particularly in combination with their preferred customer programs. You can stock up for special items like non-perishable supplies like cat litter.

Food and water bowls
You don’t need to purchase new food and water bowls as you can always improvise. You can always use your ceramic sundae or ice cream bowls or your old Tupperware, as long as it is in good condition to hold the food and water in place.