Tips For Cat Grooming

You don’t like feeling dirty (unless you’re 3 years old) and neither does your cat. Cats wash and groom themselves daily but you can help keep their fur and skin in top condition as well.

Invest in a good short or long hair brush and comb set from your pet store or vet. Choose a time when you don’t expect interruptions, after dinner while watching TV is often good. It is a good idea to place a towel or similar over your lap to catch any loose hairs.

Run your fingers over the fur for short hair cats and gently through the fur for long hair cats to see if there are any lumps or knots. Work at these lightly with the comb, the same as you would for your own hair. If the knot can’t be untangled, just snip it out.

Once you have finished combing, brush gently from the top of the head to the tail using a firm pressure. Your cat will most probably arch its back and start purring loudly. Depending on your cat, you might like to follow the brush with your hand, or use the other hand to hold your cat in position.

Repeat the brushing, moving down the sides of the body and if your cat allows it, under the chin, the chest and stomach. Some cats will happily roll over to get the belly brushed, others can’t stand being touched there. With my two cats, one loves having her stomach brushed, the other one either jumps off my lap, hisses or bites me (gently) if I try. Remember, each cat is an individual, just like with humans.

Long haired cats need grooming daily to keep their fur and skin in top condition, short haired cats can be groomed 2 – 3 times a week.

Brushing not only removes loose hair and knots, it also helps get rid of dead skin cells and tones the skin and muscles. It also is important in helping to prevent hairballs, especially in long haired cats. Use an old toothbrush to clean the facial area, being careful around the eyes and whiskers.

Grooming is not only a marvelous bonding time for you and your cat, it is also an opportunity for you to give it a quick check up. You can check for parasites such as fleas, as well as skin irritations or lumps. Once you and your cat are comfortable with this routine, you will soon notice anything abnormal or unusual.

Ears, eyes and teeth can also be looked at during or after the grooming session while your cat is relaxed. Make sure the ears and pink looking and clean. If you notice dirt or anything unusual, gently sponge the ears with cotton wool and warm water. Do NOT use cotton buds in your cat’s ears, you could damage them. Eyes should be bright and clear with no discoloration around them in the fur or in the corners.

To me, grooming one of my cats each night is very relaxing. We have made it a routine that we all look forward to. I’m not really who enjoys it most, my cats or me.