Tips For Cat When Moving House

Moving house is stressful in itself, for pet owners there are added burdens. How do we move the pets in such a way that the pets don’t get stressed out, soil the new house and keep calm? A few tips:

When you’re in the final phases of packing furniture and boxes and loading it in the moving truck/van/car, lock them in a quiet room you prepared earlier with a cat litter box (1 for every cat), food and drink.

On moving day, have them stay at a neighbours place, a quiet room or friend if possible.

Try to be as prepared as you can, while it’s not possible to think of everything in advance, a prepared move makes for a more relaxed cat owner and helps you deal with the pets with greater care.

If possible, let your cats stay at another house while the move is going on and let them stay there until after you have got the new house in relative order.

If you are moving a great distance, have your friends or a pet transportation service take care of the transportation of your cat(s). In most cases you can’t put your cat with your belongings in a professional moving truck. You either need to move them in the car yourself, have a friend do it or take advantage of a pet taxi.

Make your plans well in advance so you’re completely organized.

Once arrived, don’t let your cat explorer the new place in one go. Put them in the room where the litterbox will be. Make sure it’s a good area, that the litter box familiar and that it’s excluded from the rest of the house. Allow your cat to remain in that room for a while before letter the cat out.

Be relaxed as possible. Moving is stressful and pets can pick up on stress which adds to their own stress levels.

Have a familiar brand of cat litter, cat food, cat toys and any fabrics your cat enjoys at the ready so your cat can get comfortable quickly. If you need to box these items, mark the box so you can quickly get to it.

If you are moving house with your cats, good luck!